Does this sound like you?

You have been told you need to be online. You take the leap and get a website and some social pages up and running. You have your contact and business information listed. The site is now there, but you are not sure about what it should be doing for you, so you get back to your business and forget about the site.

This is a standard approach when you dabble in online but don’t commit. In today’s age this approach is costing you business.

The Scope Of Your Digital Strategy

The exact scope of your digital strategy will vary depending on the organisation and what you do. That said, your digital strategy should encompass a lot more than the website.

We look at the following when helping define a digital strategy.

  • Your Online Goals – At Mawi Digital we see this as the core of any digital strategy. Whether its sales/brand awareness/engagement we ensure that a clear goal is defined that ties directly to your business objectives.
  • Social Media – Do you have a brand voice? What platforms are you going to support? How are you intending to use social media? How are negative events handled?
  • Email – This should cover everything from newsletters to trigger based emails. You should address who is responsible for email correspondence and how your email lists are maintained and privacy is protected.
  • Digital Marketing – This would encompass everything from SEO and PPC to banner advertising and affiliate schemes.
  • Website – What is the goal of the website? What features should you support on the website? How do you decide on content? Who is responsible for site maintenance from design, content and technical perspectives?
  • Analytics – How do you measure success? Do you have key performance indicators in place?
  • Mobile – Are you going to build a responsive site? Do you need native apps?

Mawi Digital will work with you to create an online strategy that takes into account all of the above. We specialize in using big brand techniques and applying them to small and medium businesses, cost effectively.

Contact us today to see how Mawi Digital can transform how you think about your business online.